Progress? If any.


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Hi All,

I havnt had a chance to write about our progress with our campaign. Unfortunatly I have been very busy with work. I also regret to say I have very little progress to write about.

Myself and Liam have managed to save a few euro from our minimum wage jobs but I dont feel as though it wouldn’t be a big enough contribution toward this deserving community. Having read more about the area and the amazing projects going on I feel as though we can really make a difference there.

We have dug around at home and in relatives homes and managed to savour a few items worth selling and so I am patiently waiting and hoping a few bids come in from the adds on donedeal. My run is also still a go, I have gotten much better if I may say so myself. I can now run about 6k at a push. I have about another week till the run so fingers crossed I will be able for it on the day.

On the bright side we recieved some information about supplies to bring and projects we will be working on from our friends at the Muungano organisation. Im really looking forward to taking part in the educate together programme and meeting the locals who are very proud of their small village.

I have attached the certificates of authentication for the charity and our involvement on our indiegogo campaign page.
It seems as though the page is not working out as I hoped with still no donations :(. A few suggestions such as adding a video and other media tools were helpful but unfortunatly I dont have my own laptop and my computer in work has not got a webcam. I am still working on updates and other ideas for our campaign.

I am an emotional and loving person and know that I am going to fall in love with the people I will be working with. It will break my heart if I cannot provide as much for them as I possibly can.

Please please donate or share my campaign if you can.





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Hi All,

This is just a short update on my progress fundraising for the Muungano Community in Kenya. Im sorry to say it is not going to well. I am struggling to get my first donation and feeling very disheartened.
Nevertheless I will continue in my pursuit and know that I will have a genorous donation of money, clothes, toys and hygienne products to bring to the bright and wonderful children of Muungano.

I have to admit I am proud to say my running is improving! I have a good while to go yet before the 10k in April but now I feel it will be more do-able. I will be starting my campaign shortly, asking family and friends if they would like to sponsor me or even part take in the run along side me. As you already know my mum will be running with me. She has genorously offered to double the amount I am sponsored if, and only if, I beat her in the race. Challenge accepted.

A few other ideas Liam and I have been toying with include a wine and dessert evening held in a small venue in our community. Everyone is welcome to enjoy some drinks, cakes and socialising. We will also have a donation box and hope that people will feel that our campaign is worth donating toward. Supermarkets in our area are always keen to show support to locals and so we will recieve either donated wines and cakes or buy them from stores at cost price. We are lucky that in our community the shops and businesses are eager to support locals in their fundraising efforts. I will let you know when, where and how the event goes.

After suggestions from other bloggers and fundraisers Liam and I are in the process of creating a small personnal video clip for our campaign page. This will allow people to get to know us and add a personnal touch to our page. Knowing us personally and hearing our thoughts and hopes for our campaign first hand we hope will encourage others to support us.

Thats all for now, any advice, tips or thoughts are always welcome ūüôā And ofcourse if anyone would be so kind as to get be our first funder it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading

What a day to share


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Hi Everyone and happy valentines day ūüôā

Whether you choose to be single, in a relationship or with friends today, valentines day is a day to share love with whomever is around you. Alot of people are cynical about the commercial side of valentines day which we all know is very over dramatised but lets not foregt how the day reminds us not to forget loving one and other.

The feeling of recieving a simple bouquet of flowers or even an extravegent gift is uplifting and leaves a feeling of warmth and love in your heart. Witnessing an act of love toward another brings an instant smile to anyones face. Seeing bright displays of hearts and windows decorated in red, showcasing everything from sentimental momentos to sexy lingerie brings happiness to those who pass.

You could be alone or surrounded by people on this day and still feel a connection to the world around you. Love is not just between individuals, it is between communities, organisations and species.

Please help me share the love all across the world. I will be posting about my fundraising efforts for my Muungano Community Campaign.
My first challenge is a 10k run which I hope will earn some donations toward my cause. Take a look at my campaign here ūüôā

I just need one small donation to get the ball rolling, sharing or liking my campaign would also be greatly appreciated.


Please support my run for the Muungano Community.


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Ok so Im really starting to think about how I can raise money for the people¬†of the Muungano community. As I mentioned in my first blog ‘ Step one’ I have had a realisation and plan to¬†travel out of my comfort zone and share as much as I can with less fortunate people¬†around the world. My first step is travelling to Kenya on July 28th,I will be living with the Muungano community. (Flights booked, theres no going back) I will be¬†helping as best I can in the orphange and on several projects around the community. I hope to also make use of my business degree and offer support and guidelines for the many struggling small businesses in the area.
I have set up a campaign page at But unfortunatly due to my lack of computer skills and no previous experience with fundraising it isnt going too well. Reading the several blogs about the best ways to fundraise and the support page on I have some new some ideas on how to grab attention and raise money for the charity that I am supporting. Im going to earn the donations (hopefully).
The Great Run is coming up in April and I am registered and ready to go. Well nearly ready anyway…. The run is on April 1st and is 10km. To seasoned runners that sounds like a daddle but I can tell you now its no daddle for me. My first attempt at training (yesterday) I managed to run for a good, id say, 3minutes. I should be proud I know. I tried the whole walk a little run a little strategy and struggled along for about 40minutes. Trying my best to keep as upright and professional as possible whenever there were passers by. My mum does alot of running and will be doing it with me on the day. (Photo of my beautiful mum)


I cant decide whether I like the support or am dreading the competitive nature between the two of us. Iv a while to go yet and I plan to stick to the training. Im sure Il manage a decent time on the day.Il give it a go anyway.
I would really appreciate any donations toward my charity.The muungano community have several initiatives and ideas which I have linked below. All proceeds will go directly to the community, orphanage, medical clinic and several other worthwhile projects.  Heres the link to the run if anyone else may be interested.
You can donate securely through my indieegogo page here:

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imageHaving written my first blog only moments ago I find myself reading over it and wondering to myself where my big ‘corporate’ aspirations are coming from. I just assumed that my ambitions and goals for life should all be geared toward the obvious business or financial institutions as an only means toward success. Granted I have an interest in the competitive nature of a fast paced market enviroment but do I really want to be a stereotypical ‘corporate drone’?

I sit here now 5 months through my year long financial internship at a well known global orgainsation counting down the days till I can happily walk out the door without so much as a backward glance. The people are lovely, the work is fine and in a whole it is exactly whats expected from a trainnee accountancy position. For the first while I was happy out doing what I was told being introduced to projects and then getting my own teams to work with. After the third month, getting a bit bored, I began to think; well this is ok for now, its just an internship, when I have my degree it will be completely different. Now im thinking; what if its not. Why should I expect that once I have a magic piece of paper I will immediatly become a financial genius at the best company in the best position! No, il be in an office similar to this doing the same work minus the intern title and with a slightly larger paycheck. Judging by colleagues and older friends I will have a run of mill office job for the next 5-7 years. Not something I look forward to.

Look at me, on my first day blogging and Im practically having an epiphany about my life choices and where I should go from here. Its funny how when you finally take the time to really think and write down what your thoughts are that you find what you really care about and want for yourself. I feel as though I can go anywhere and be anything. Stuck in an office for the next few years, no thanks.

My intention when starting this blog was to document my travels both for myself and for anyone who might be interested. The idea was to travel, see the world, become a better person and all that jazz. The final goal always remaining; to come home to Ireland a new person and continue on my quest for success. Having a new found lease on life (since five minutes ago) I am already doubhting whether my final goal is really MY goal or just an idea that somehow came into my head an I seem to have gotten accustom to.

In these 500 words I seem to have gone from confused to hopeful/enlightened and then back to confused. Any tips?

Bye for now,

My Step one campaign for Kenya if anyone would like to contribute or have a look at the charity:

Step One


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As a student nearing the end of my degree programme I realised that never again in my life will there be a time that I have soo few responsibilites, so many opportunities and endless ideas.

When I graduate I will have a degree in business studies I then plan to go on to do my accountancy exams and with hard work and a bit of luck become a successful player in the corporate financial world. Im am currently doing an internship in the finance department of¬†a well known¬†global organisation which is a huge insight into the world I strive to be a part of.¬†Being successful and the lifestyle that follows has always been a motivation for me.¬† Achievmments, knowledge and ofcourse money somehow translate to me¬†as ‘winning at life’.

Having read many of the blogs on this site I am inspired and fascinated by the lives that people lead all over the world. I realise how petty my own goals are and have decided to mix it up a bit, so..

Step one: Start my travels.

Julie & Julla in the ‘To the girl who travels: Dont date a guy who doesnt’ make¬†a compelling arguement about not being bogged down by people who have varying¬†ideas of happiness¬†then your own. (Apolagies, havnt learnt how to correctly reference other bloggers) Luckily my boyfriend and I both have similar thoughts, although we both long to be succussful, wealthy socialites we also know there is more to life and hope to experience everything we can. Travel is the only answer; exploring the world. If our ideas for our future change then it can only be for the better.

We have our flights booked and we are off to Kenya on July 28th 2014. The first three weeks of our travels will be spent in a small village 40km from the main city of Nairobi. The muungano community. Here we will be assiting with teaching in one of two orphanages , Alpha Joy, and Home delegate, we will also be helping on varies projects around the community. Over christmas they began a quail project, building coops for homes in the village. The quail will be both a source of food and income for many struggling families. Liam and I hope to bring new ideas, support and hopefully donations to the community in an effort to help them in any way we can.

You can read more about the muungano community at the following sites:,d.bGQ

(Those links look rediculous, forgive me Im a first time blogger)

So this will be my first step in my bid to explore = differenct cultures, lifestyles and give back to as many people as possible along the way. I hope to keep this blog updated on our fundraising efforts for the muungano community, the trip itself and ofcourse the many other places I intend to visit.

Bye for now,


Btw if you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you would rather not then sharing or liking is a great help too ūüôā

Please follow the link below.